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Adult Dance Classes


Barre + Body Sculpt




"Steph's unending enthusiasm, great sense of humour and energizing playlists, make you walk away from a workout with her feeling like you've just spent and hour with a good friend sharing laughs and stories....until the next morning when you wake up and realize she also managed to work every muscle in your body.
Her extensive knowledge in exercise physiology, ballet and pilates are so well utilized within her fun and engaging workouts, that you immediately sign up for another class and private session and prepare to sweat, laugh and feel that good kind of post workout fatigue all over again! Steph has led me to a place of bodily awareness and fitness where I no longer feel the aches and discomfort in my joints. I'm moving more fluidly than I have in years, and I am stronger than I've been in quite some time."


"What I love about my classes and sessions is Steph's talent, how I feel and how fast time flies by!" 

"Steph is hilarious, she makes class fun, while making me do things I would never do otherwise."


"My instructor is the best!"



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