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Pilates Instructor and Trainer


"I like movement but I don't like talking about myself. "


Stephanie loves to move and have a lot of fun doing it!

As a professionally trained ballet dancer Stephanie knows that to feel and perform at your best you need to properly support and strengthen your body.  She therefore has a vested interest in teaching her clients to move in the most optimal patterns possible in order for them to get the best out of everything they do.  

Stephanie fell in love with Pilates during her time as a dancer and immediately felt the benefits in her body. This pushed her to completing comprehensive Pilates training and cause a shift professionally into a different lane.  It has been the perfect place for Stephanie to blend her love of dance with fitness. 

After a few years into teaching Pilates, Stephanie developed her Barre + Body Sculpt class.  The class combines classical ballet barre repertoire, pilates and sculpting fitness based exercises to deliver a full body lengthening burn.  

Whether in a group class or private session, Stephanie's approach to teaching is creative, intense, focused and inquisitive.   She encourages her clients to constantly explore the edges of their movement and improve their overall wellness.

Stephanie trains constantly because the more she learns the more she can challenge her own body the more she can challenge yours.

Come meet Stephanie on the mat or at the barre (be prepared to have a blast!)



Certified Pilates Instructor Advanced Mat & Reformer Training
Body Harmonics

Diploma, Dance Performance Studies
George Brown College

National Ballet School of Canada
Training Intensives

Toronto Dance Theatre
Training Intensives

Broadway Dance Centre
Training Intensives

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